Inhibition Exhibition (Residency)


The project aims to create discussion about the integration of new comers in Denmark by inviting young artists (28) from 4 different European countries (Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Spain) to create a temporary exhibition about the topic. The actual implementation of the project will take place within the frames of a short-term residency program in Aarhus, Denmark. During the first half of the Youth Exchange participants will take part in various workshops where they learn and discuss about integration. These workshops will include the help of local NGOs and the participation of local residents. In between the workshops, there will be artistic activities aimed to develop artistic competences using non-formal and interdisciplinary educational methods.

The second half of the Youth Exchange is about creation. Participants will create working groups in which they generate their own concept and interpret it into an ’art piece’. For creating, participants collect materials from a local recycling station. In some of the part of the creation they involve locals by organizing public workshops. In the end they create an exhibition and an opening event.

Outcome: Temporary Exhibition

The main outcome of the project is a temporary exhibition that is made by young artists with experiencing with participatory art. In the creative process not just the project participants but also locals can be part of. The exhibition will take place in Aarhus Studenthouse and will be open for public for two weeks free of charge. All items exhibited will be made by recycled materials previously owned by local residents of Aarhus.

Participant Profile:

Visual Artist/Musician
Aged between 18-35
Can ride a bike

Application is open from 30th May, 2018


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