What: Youth Exchange
Where: Szeged, Hungary
When: from 9th August to 18th August, 2017

Art For Youth is a Youth Exchange on which 20 artist and youth workers from Macedonia, Spain and Hungary will participate. The project will be held in the third largest city in Hungary called Szeged in August.

The aim of our project is to provide an intercultural dialogue in Szeged, Hungary, between twenty artists, youth workers and the ones who work on the frontiers of art. We observe the task of contemporary art and it’s role in social responsibility, the possibilities of art tools in youth work and how an artist or an art group can profit from a youth exchange.

During our project, we create groups of mixed nationalities, who will create community artworks, which will be made and presented in an exhibition. We believe that the most important element of our project is to observe the connection between Erasmus+ and contemporary art. This way we would like to encourage the participants to create their very own art piece, or to add the art-thinking to their working method. These sessions won’t only be useful for youth workers, but for artists too, as with the help of the new formal and non formal education methods, they can put their future projects into a new  and fresh perspective, maybe with the help of some youth workers.

The aim of our project is to show the participants that they can use the tools of art and youth work in a more conscious way, unless they know the connections between the two fields. They can broaden the periphery of their own work, this way they could be more successful artists and/or youth workers. As an aftermath of this project, more projects could be born, which create art with the tools of youth work, or create youth work with the tools of art.