What: Youth Exchange
Where: Zebegény, Hungary
When:  April 15-23, 2018

30 participants – Hungary (5+3), Serbia (5+1), Macedonia (5+1), Greece (4+1) and Ukraine (4+1)

Connecting hearts was about to motivate young people to be activists about the issues in their societies that they want to change regardless of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. The main aim of this project was to use film to raise the awareness of the existence of LGBTQ people, to overcome hate-speech and to accept and include LGBTQ persons in society and to promote the use of storytelling and short films as tools for activism.

For dissemination, our participants shared their films, stories with the guests and discussed the outcome of the project in general. We also discussed human rights and issues that LGBTQ+ people face in their everyday life.