Express Yourself is a youth exchange that was held in Slavonski Brodb between the 1st and 9th of October. The aim of the project was to discuss cultural and social differences, to encourage young people to express their own identity and to be respectful of others’.

The following text is written by Márta Gelbmann, participant of the exchange.

Orahovica. At first, this word meant nothing to us. Most of us have never even heard about this place before. But soon it became so much more than just a town in Croatia.



Orahovica is the sunsets, the late-night jams, the palinka vs. rakija debates.Orahovica is when you find a moment, a song, a picture or a person (or all of it at once)  who makes you comfortable, who makes you accept others and yourself, who makes you laugh, who makes you cry, who makes you feel free and crazy-in the best way. Orahovica lays in those little dimples on your face when you smile.

You smile, because at first, you thought you could never learn 50 names and now, 2 months later you still remember everyone and you still talk with them. You smile, because you became more confident, resilient and more ‘you’.

Orahovica is about learning, understanding, dancing, it is about love, friendship, stories, impressions and expressions and how music, colours and moves come together to create something magical. It is about us. And we would love to share this with you.