Cultour 1.0

Cultour 1.0 is the second stage of the project series called Cultour. During each project young people from all over Europe discover a town which has no significant international tourism. During the discovery, they are challenged to find the authentic and somewhat outstanding treasures of the location.

What participants find can be anything. One can never predict what an international group will reflect on in a community where the presence of foreigners is very rare. During the “field-work” participants constantly interact with locals and create discussion about what locals are proud of and what foreigners consider attractive. In the end of the exchange, the international group presents its findings to the local community through various artistic method such as movies, exhibitions or interactive workshops.

Cultour 1.0 is the improved version of Cultour BETA with more heritage professionals involved and well-prepared participants on the same venue. During Cultour 1.0 participants will also plan the basics of the fore-coming Cultour 2.0 project which is intended to be organized abroad, in one of the participant organizations’ country.

The project has 3 main purposes:

  • Participants and members of the local community will have the chance to have a multicultural experience. We hope that this experience can make people more open to other cultures.
  • Participants and members of the local community will see and have discussion about their and others’ cultural treasures. We hope that people by dealing with their own and foreign cultures will be more aware of the authenticity and value of their and others’ culture.
  • Through non-formal education methods we hope that people will be more aware of the meaning of Cultural Heritage and will recognize the importance of preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage of their own community.