Studenterhuser, or Student Houses are international places all over in Denmark for students and young people who would like to actively participate in the youth community of the city.

Student Houses bring together people from all fields and give opportunity to anyone to add something to the city they live in. These houses are melting pots for internationals and help to many newcomers to integrate to the local culture.

Student Houses can be open offices during the day time. Denmark focuses on interdisciplinary team-work. That means people with different educational backgrounds are working on one task together. People with different view, experiences and knowledge have different ways of solving problems. Denmark and its Student Houses support non-formal educational methods. Therefore, these spaces are designed as perfect places for group work and for creative workshops. The access is free for everyone, the place run by volunteers and these volunteers decide what programs they want to organize.

During the daytime, several workshops can run, young people can share ideas and experiences. During the night time, Student Houses can host concerts, slam poetry events or movie nights.

The opportunities are endless and the good influence of these houses are unquestionable.

We want to create a Student House in Budapest based on the Danish example.

The first step is to invite stakeholders of these Danish organizations to Budapest and discuss how they operate in Denmark and what opportunities we have in Hungary. The meeting will be arranged an organized in the frame of a Training Course supported by Erasmus+.